We know you will love the way you will feel after your first free trial session. So don’t delay. Improve your life today! The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Our 2 most popular ways to get started are: 

1. Call/text 952-457-7743 and ask to speak to a coach about setting up a free trial. We will coordinate a time so you can come in for a private 1 on 1 consultation.

2. You can opt in for our customized healthy eating guide. You will find the opt-in box on this page. When you put your email and cell # in the opt in box to receive our healthy eating plan, a coach will text you asap and set up a time to chat so we can schedule a private 1 on 1 consultation.

The day of/before your consultation, someone will text/call to confirm the appointment. You will be nervous the day of. That is natural. I 100% guarantee you an awesome experience. You will usually leave wondering why you didn’t join a long time ago.

On the day of your appointment make sure to drink plenty of water and don’t eat right before your appointment, wear loose comfortable workout clothes. We have all the equipment, just bring your ID please.

When you arrive, just walk in and a friendly staff member will seat you. From there you will meet your instructor.

You will be given a tour of the facility. Showing you the different training areas and what they are used for. Also educating you on all the equipment and its various uses.

After the tour you will fill out a consultation form. The form has questions that when answered will help us in customizing a program for you.

From there you will be taken through a private 1 on 1 stress free workout session. We will show you the various combative arts that we teach so you can make an educated decision on what works best for you.

Then we will go over our schedule and sign you up on the program that fits what you liked and what fits your schedule.

That’s it….pretty easy. So contact us asap by either calling/texting 952-457-7743 or opt in and we will chat soon.

From my experience, dealing with thousands of people, the hardest step seems to be “making the call”. If you can get past that 1st step, you will for sure, change your life for the positive. If you want to lose some unwanted pounds, regain youthful flexibility, get those muscles toned and your cardio improved, all while learning the best mixed martial arts cutting-edge self-defense program, you must call/text 952-457-7743.

After you book your appointment and it gets closer to go time, you will probably feel nervous. Everyone’s biggest fear is that they will look stupid. But don’t worry this is a private 1 on 1 session. We are a judgement free zone. Everyone starts somewhere and the sooner you start the sooner you will progress. New people start every week. All training is safe and supervised.